Applications & Renewals

New Applicants for Licensure

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43-44-06. License required – Title – Abbreviations. A person may not practice or represent oneself as able to practice as a dietitian, or use the title “dietitian”, “registered dietitian”, “licensed dietitian”, or “licensed registered dietitian”, or the abbreviations “RD”, “LD”, or “LRD” unless so licensed under this chapter. A licensed registered dietitian may use the title “licensed registered dietitian” and the abbreviation “LRD”. A person may not practice, or represent oneself as able to practice, as a licensed nutritionist using the title “licensed nutritionist” or the abbreviation “LN” unless so licensed under this chapter. A licensed nutritionist may use the title “licensed nutritionist” and the abbreviation “LN”.

Online Renewal Forms for Oct 1, 2021-Sept 30, 2022

43-44-14. Renewal of license – Any license issued under this chapter expires one year after it is issued unless renewed in the manner prescribed by the rules of the board. The board may provide for the late renewal of a license upon the payment of a late fee in accordance with its rules, but no late renewal of a license may be granted more than one year after its expiration.

Licensure for New Graduates Eligible to Take the Registration Examination

Must print application to complete & have notarized. You can mail a check with your application or to pay by credit card click here. 

43-44-12. Limited permits – A limited permit to practice as a licensed registered dietitian must be issued by the board upon application and submission of evidence of successful completion of the education and experience requirements under subdivision b of subsection 1 of section 43-44-08. The limited permit expires one year from the date of issuance. The limited permit may be renewed for a period not to exceed six months upon submission to the board of a satisfactory explanation for the applicant’s failure to become licensed within the original one-year period.

Professional Development

Continuing professional education (CPE) is essential for lifelong development to maintain and improve knowledge and skills for competent dietetics practice. RDs and DTRs currently re-certify through participation in CDR’s mandatory CPE program. View the current CPE guidelines* for RDs and DTRs, instructions and forms for receiving CPE approval for professional development activities, and licensure.

Upon becoming licensed as a licensed nutritionist you must successfully complete and have evidence of 75 hours of continuing education within a designated 5 year cycle as listed under chapter 20.05-02-01-05 continuing education in the rules for dietitians and nutritionists.  Refer to the rules at  The continuing education (as evidenced by the date of your certificate) must be within the designated 5 year cycle in order to be counted toward your education requirements. View the current CPE guidelines for Licensed Nutritionists